Theatre::Red Noses

Red Noses, by Peter Barnes, is a post-modern dark comedy that centers around Father Flote, a monk who strives to banish the black plague through the use of humor. He is accompanied early on in the show by a team of ragtags including, among others, a pair of former soldiers, a hypersexual nun, and dancing one legged twins.

Monselet Entrance
The heads of the church are shown to be the worst villains of the play. I tried to show this through how I marked their entrances. The Dies Irae is always a foreboding piece of music, and I found a few different sources to draw it from. This is from the first entrance of the Pope’s right hand man Monselet.

Pope Entrance 1
Another entrance in which I had to set the church as the villain. This entrance of the pope was through a sliding door. I needed to build up the tension and then as the door hit its limit and the lights shot through pushing the pope through on her entrance, give a little extra hit. I took this from a John Corigliano piece entitled Of Rage and Remembrance.

Leper Dance
This is one of the sound cues called by Peter Barnes in the script. I just loved it so much I had to place it in here.

Night Sequence
As Father Flote's gang explores the forest at night on their way to the Palace of Popes, they encounter different people and situations. In this example, we hear the setting of the night scene using extended string techniques, we hear a character fall into the water, and then we meet two characters, Vasques and Bigod who each have their own respective sound motive.

Pope Entrance 2
Another entrance of the pope, this time I used the Dies Irae from Berlioz's Symphony Phantastique.

The Death of Sonnerie
This was the only piece of original music that I wrote for the play, this marks the death and the carrying off of the body of Sonnerie, a mute man who could only speak through the bells he carried with him.